About CERT

The University of Arizona Campus Emergency Response Team – composed of various campus officials – focuses primarily on the management of situations involving critical incidents on campus. Its involvement is central to the successful implementation of the Campus Emergency Response Plan.

CERT Responsibilities

In an emergency, the UA's highest priority in ensuring the health, safety and well-being of people on and off campus. After the University acts to protect the safety of individuals, University facilities, buildings and property are the next highest priority, followed by private property that may be affected by the situation. In the acute stage of an emergency, the University’s lowest priority is the return to normal operations. However, after the situation has stabilized and the University has secured the safety of people and property, the University’s primary goal will be to return to normal operations. In an emergency, CERT will:

  • Monitor an emergency situation and directs University responses to resolve and respond to the emergency quickly and with as little adverse impact as possible at the direction of the Incident Commander.
  • Assists the Incident Commander by providing support and resources via the Incident Command System (ICS).
  • Gather, confirm and evaluate incident information.
  • Define and implement tactics/actions to resolve priority situations.
  • Identify resource needs and shortfalls.
  • Reassign/deploy individuals in support of critical needs.
  • Issue public information reports and instructions; serve as liaison to other emergency service providers.
  • Balance various needs and requests.
  • Provide technical, legal, and fiscal expertise as necessary.

When needed, CERT will coordinate University efforts with the Pima County Office of Emergency Management. CERT will continue to monitor and coordinate events until the emergency situation is stabilized sufficiently to allow a return to regular organizational operation. At an appropriate time, CERT debriefs with each of the units involved in an emergency in an ongoing effort to improve the University response to crisis situations.

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CERT Chair
Dr. Melissa Vito
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

UA Manager of Emergency Preparedness
Chief Brian Seastone
University of Arizona Police Department